Newton Carlos Will

Jéssica Iara Pegorini has paper accepted at IV WTE

Jéssica Iara Pegorini is a student in the Software Engineering course at the Federal University of Technology – Paraná, Campus Dois Vizinhos, and develops her undergraduate thesis in the area of electoral security, under the advisory of professors Rodrigo Tomaz Pagno and Newton Carlos Will.

The paper accepted for publication, entitled “Desafios e Soluções em Sistemas de Votação Eletrônica: Um Mapeamento Sistemático”, presents a systematic mapping in electoral security area, which searches for the main information about the protocols used in electronic voting systems, the security measures used and also the vulnerabilities and failures detected in these systems. The results show a convergence of the studies to certain protocols and security measures, besides the main problems to be faced in this area.

The paper was accepted at IV Workshop on Electoral Technology (WTE), which is a scientific event organized as a satellite event of the XIX Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computer Systems Security (SBSeg 2019), which will take place in September in São Paulo. The main goal of this event consists in fomenting research in electoral technology, integrating the Brazilian community of researchers and professionals interested in issues concerning electronic voting.

Brazil has progressively adopted information technology in its elections since the implementation of electronic ballot boxes in 1996, culminating in the present in which biometrics identification is within reach of being installed in all electronic voting equipment. However, the participation of academics, particularly those dedicated to Information Security, has had meager participation in this initiative.