Research Groups

GPRSC – Research Group on Computer Networks and Computational Security

GPRSC is involved in several areas of multi and interdisciplinary research, specifically in the area of operating systems, computer networks, security and distributed systems, hosting a group of professors and students. Its purpose is to support researchers to produce innovation and knowledge, acting with excellence in teaching and research in operating systems, computer networks, distributed systems and computational security, attending society’s needs, in the elaboration and implantation of network projects, monitoring and management of traffic and services, development of techniques and tools applied to computer networks, distributed systems and computer security in the various areas of knowledge, to support computer science and regional development.
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Ongoing Projects

Using Hardware-Based Security Mechanisms in the User Experience in Digital Games

Analysis and Detection of Ransomware on Desktop Operating Systems

Past Projects

Use of Hardware-Based Security Mechanisms for Confidentiality and Integrity of Personal Data